The Special Awards Match between Philadelphia Eagles and Chicago Bears

The night of November 7 2011 will be a time for one of the most important matches between Philadelphia Eagles and Chicago Bears. While the two teams are well poised for a victory and improvement with NFL points this season, both of them are looking forward to winning in front of legends like Buddy Ryan and Clyde Simmons in the spectator. The NFL commission has planned the night to be an honoring occasion for players who represented the Eagles back in the 1980s and 90s. While most of the squad is going to be honored and rewarded, many fans are eager to watch them sitting in the aisles with the bigwigs of NFL. While Buddy Ryan has been a big name for the Eagles, many are not aware that he was also a coach of the same team years later. Among other awardees at the event will be Seth Joyner, Keith Byers and Keith Jackson, who played the crucial roles of line backing and running back for the Eagles in the good old days.

The Eagles and the Bears are among the strongest of NFL teams, and their face-offs have been well-known since the early decades of sports entertainment. While they have been popular teams to entertain worldwide crowds in international stadiums, the American crowd simply love the way their matches unfurl. Monday’s (November 7) event will be a major attraction for sports fans because of the presence of the Eagles legends. Although few know about Buddy Ryan’s health conditions, the sensation generated from such an event will be overwhelming. Today, the Ryan family is a major contribution to American Football. Moreover, with multiple NFL teams being managed by Buddy’s sons, the Bears and Eagles fans will not be the only ones flocking to the arena. Buddy Ryan, who is now 80-years old, has been a fighter in every sense. His legendary runs on the NFL turf were not unhampered by health problems. He had fought back from melanoma, which is a type of cancer few can sustain, and kept coming back to his peak form in the late 1960s and early 80s. Today, the legend is down with another type of cancer, making him the most apt awardee among others in Monday’s game interval.